Traditional masonry

Stone Restoration have some of the finest Craftsmen in the trade

Traditional skills

Our in house skilled masons carry out a wide variety of traditional, modern and high accuracy precision machining to conserve, restore and replace masonry. Our design team can help you with your stone selection and/or matching existing from quarries around the world and of course our beautiful UK based stones.

"We have an ongoing commitment to the Masonry industry... to ensure the future of stone and masonry skills continue"

Masonry projects can be produced and managed in our yard where we have in house designers and both mechanical saws/ CNC and banker masons to ensure precision production and / or matching existing elements.

Our site teams are fully qualified and gold CSCS holders of banker, fixer, facade restorers and internal fixing masons allowing us to manage large and small internal and external contracts throughout.

We hold a wealth of experience in new stone construction including new build extensions, internal flooring, enhancement for accessibility and portico’s

Our Principal Contracting expertise provides our Clients with the necessary management and trade skills to undertake a wide and variable range of contracts .

We have specialist partners working with our management team to ensure we can offer a full contract package including scaffolding, roofing , paintwork, joinery and metalwork, bird repellent and lead work.


To the left you will see how the team at Stone Restoration can transform your buildings and architecture matching old for new. This project at Grafton Street highlights how our skilled masons can enhance the look of your building and restore. On the image you can see just how badly damaged the stone can become.

We can literally provide a renaissance to stone that has become eroded, scarred and damaged by polluted inner city air, the atmosphere and weathered over the course of time. On the image see the newly crafted stone to replace the existing part of the architecture featured in the previous image.

In the below photos, you can see a window restoration from the before and the after.

Window before we started
Masonry completed and ready to install
New masonry in situ

In the next example, you can see how we formed a template from a cross, and then created a new stone cross from it.