Conditional Surveys and Project Drawings

Let us take control of your project from pre-contract surveys through to sign off.

Our full conditional surveys will ensure your pre construction H&S Plan can be implemented using our knowledge of roles under CDM regulations and that of the Client, Planning Supervisor and Designer throughout each critical phase. 

Whilst many of our competitors have outsourced their draughtsman roles Stone Restoration Services ensure that these roles remain in house.

Conditional Surveys

We are able to assist you in your project by providing pre-contract condition surveys which will detail the severity of any defects and recommend key solutions. Additionally as part of planned preventative maintenance we work closely with our building managers throughout London to ensure no imminent dangers are being missed i.e loose cladding, high wind impact damage to ensure future works can be planned and budgeted.

Our team can undertake surveys via drone or abseiling to ensure a cost effective measure of access.

As part of these works a full report would be issued together with documented drawings and recommendations and costs.

Technical Drawings

Our design team has an extensive knowledge of masonry drawing in all of its many forms and will produce your project using a computer aided design (CAD). 

Investment in our IT ensures that any new product updates are immediately implemented to ensure we stay ahead of the market.

Our drawing team are fully conversant with all aspects of BIM and other platform models ensuring full coordination and sequencing to increase productivity and on site collaboration throughout the drawing process.

Direct control over these elements is critical and ensures that when stone arrives on site it has been QA checked by our masons against the production details.

Procurement and Supply

Achilles Saw

Our own Masonry Yard is set up to ensure that all supplies of stone are in stock and readily available.

Our in house Banker Masons are readily available to ensure stone is worked in a traditional manner and thus we have direct control of all stone procurement.

We have a large Achilles monoblock bridge saw for cutting larger blocks and for working detailed stone. 

From the initial survey stages we can advise on the most appropriate methods, stone selection, stone sourcing (Britain’s complex geological history has produced a diverse range of rock types we hold a complete register of all stones quarried/ reclaimed both in the UK and abroad) into specialist categories enabling us to design a project to meet individual budget and needs.