Thinking Globally - Acting Locally

Our commitment

Stone Restoration Services understands the social and environmental impact associated with construction activities and is striving ahead with a number of changes to ensure we contribute towards our own green sourcing programme.

We fully embrace the principles of sustainable development and are committed to a process of continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention.

Our aims

We shall identify opportunities to reduce the resources we consume including energy, water and other natural resources, thereby minimising the amount of waste we produce. Where practicable, we shall reuse materials, recycle waste and procure recycled products.

Some initiatives currently underway:

Adaptive Re-use

The adaption of an historic building from one use to another often requires traditional craft skills in extending facades or adapting openings − we understand the importance of such details which enables the new work to blend with the original without the need for complete replacement.

We are currently engaged in a project with Architects and Clients throughout London whereby old historic London stones, pavings, granite kerbs are being retained for future use − usually such clients would have placed these items in the skip never to be seen again − Stone Restoration Services feel that stone grows with age and retention/preservation for future projects will ensure the continuation of valued classic materials.

Water | Reduction | Recycling

A number of initiatives are underway to ensure the reduction in consumption throughout our works. With the assistance of the best available equipment a large percentage of water from cleaning works can be recycled thus reducing the overall amount used.

Water | Environment

A full water audit and risk assessment is carried out on all our works to ensure that any debris/chemicals are not allowed to enter or pollute water ingress.

Energy Audits | Reduction

The impact of both individuals and organisation energy management − assist in reducing energy consumption on site.


We have invested heavily with on site electric vehicles − this not only reduces the diesel fumes into the air and carbon omissions but also ensures that and reducing the amount of deliveries required in and out of sites.

Office paper

We encourage all our staff to use our Email system more and avoid printing. We have achieved a 50% reduction in paper purchase.

Sustainable heating

Our banker workshops are now heated using wood burners instead of existing propane heaters − heat is obtained from wood that normally would have been placed in the yard skip.

Recycling Waste

A trial scheme is underway to ensure all construction waste is separated and where possible recycled − a particular example of this is broken/used stone is being crushed to be re-used as MOT/ stone dust/ granite chippings.

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