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Restoring the past, preserving the future

Here at Stone Restoration Services we are proud to work on some of the UK’s most prestigious and historic buildings. Not only do we work with traditional skills to restore existing buildings, but we are able to incorporate contemporary design and use of stone in modern developments.

Our team

Our Directors have years of experience in the stone trade, having worked with their fathers to hone their skills. Since the company was started in 1998, we have expanded the team continually, both through training our own apprentices as well as acquiring talented stone workers where we can.

We are now looking to expand our team.

About The Role

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Experience/Qualifications Required

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What we are offering

Annual Salary: £nnnnn

  • Life assurance
  • 4 weeks holiday
  • Bonus scheme
  • Company pension scheme with 2% contribution 

Closing date

This job will close for applications on dd/mm/yyyy

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To apply

Please give us a call for a chat, or use our contact form to initially register your interest in our job. Better still, send us an email and attach your CV.

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